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Is Bowling Classified As a Sports?


Even though it’s been around for quite some time, bowling has only recently seen a meteoric rise in popularity, notably in the United States. Despite this, it cannot be classified as a sport for the above reasons. Learn more about the continuing discussion around the question of whether or not it should be considered a sport by reading this article from SportsAspire.

Is bowling a game or a sport?

How a particular pursuit may be classified as a game or sport is unclear. To determine what sports are, we shall first define these two concepts.


A competition in which contestants do specific physical exercises under strict guidelines.


Bowling is a game in which a big ball is used to travel down a lane in an attempt to knock over as many pins as possible.

There is a unanimous agreement among all parties over how to describe it. There are several varieties. Candlepins, duckpins, five pins, nine pins, and ten pins are the several types of pins that may be used in pin bowling. The term “target bowling” refers to various sports, including lawn, carpet, and boccie bowling, as well as other target bowling games.

It is considered a sport by some individuals. Demands a greater focus on a national and international level. These principles help gain an understanding of other points of view.

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How Bowling Is a Sport

The sport requires a significant amount of mental and physical capacity. Bowlers competing at the professional level play 40 games over three days.

It needs superb synchronization between the eyes and the hands.

It is subject to regulations imposed by the USBC since sports are rule-based events.

Maintaining a healthy level of fitness is vital for several shots. The weight training these athletes do helps them build strength in their arms and wrists.

Bowlers consistently improve their throw, stroke, stance, and other striking talents to succeed in their sport.

The floor oiling (both the quantity and the technique) on bowling lanes is subject to change depending on the kind of tournament or championship being played. A casual player who only wants to sit down and play a few games won’t have any issues, unlike a professional player.

Even competitions billed as “individualistic,” like college tournaments, need teamwork. Everyone assists one another, mainly if someone still needs a decisive stroke.

It has a lengthy history of being played as a competitive sport. The Fédération Internationale des Quilleurs, more often known as the Globe Bowling Association, was established in 1952 to promote nine and ten-pin bowling globally. Since 1972, the International Olympic Committee has recognized World Bowling as the governing organization for the sport of Games.

The United States Bowling Congress claims that it is the most popular sport in terms of overall participation. Every year, sixty million bowls are used up.

At the Summer Olympics held in Seoul in 1988, it was used as a demonstration sport.

Non-Sports Origins

  • It is more of a game than a sport due to the prevalence of bowling leagues and the relatively small number of individual bowlers.
  • Because league bowling has easy lane conditions, anybody can score well.
  • It is mainly for enjoyment. Many people see it as a game for friends and family.
  • It may be classified as a sport or game. It is a recreational activity for high school students.
  • Drinking makes it more relaxed. Casual bowlers believe the old cliché that alcohol improves.
  • In social activities, scoring is unimportant. There is no need for a scoring system. League points differ.
  • The Professional Bowlers Association should be covered in the media.
  • Many bowlers are overweight and out of shape, and alleys are often filled with smoke because people drink beer as they play.
  • It is a delightful thing to do. A professional player would see it as delivering the ball, while an amateur would believe it’s just rolling. Sports update.



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