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Tokyo 2020 Olympics Diving Review


We look back on the most memorable moments in diving at Tokyo 2020, revisit the medals, and look forward to Paris 2024, including China’s new generation of champions and Tom Daley’s tearful gold medal.

For divers, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics seemed like déjà vu.

China took home seven of the eight available gold medals, while Great Britain took home the other.

The second commonality was the abundance of exciting competitions showcasing impressive displays of athleticism, touching moments, and the emergence of a new star in the form of 15-year-old Oleksii Sereda.

Strong divers XIE Siyi and SHI Tingmao led the way for China by winning two gold medals each.

The men’s 10m synchro competition was particularly moving since it was there that Olympic veteran Tom Daley won gold with Olympic rookie Matty Lee.

In the following, we recall the games’ most exciting moments, review the medalists’ accomplishments, and reveal the athletes to watch for in the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics.

Five best dives in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Here are a few of the most memorable moments from the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Underdog SHI Tingmao emerges victorious.

China’s top divers in Tokyo 2020 had challenging preparations leading up to the Games.

She has been transparent about the clinical depression that led her to ponder retiring from the Olympic cycle.

It’s incredible that despite all that, the 29-year-old could execute so flawlessly and keep her 3m springboard and 3m synchro gold medals.

She remarked, “I realized there was no way that I could give up diving since I genuinely enjoy diving.” To put it another way, “getting to where we are now was no picnic.”

Olympic record holder XIE Siyi

However, Xie easily won the men’s 3m springboard event by setting a new Olympic record with scores of 85 or above on each of his six dives.

After winning the synchro championship with WANG Zongyuan, this was his second gold of the games.

The 25-year-old, who has added Olympic gold to his four World Championships wins, said, “To win gold here, I’ve also accomplished my ‘grand slam.'” I’m going to award myself an A+. It hasn’t been easy at all over these years. I appreciate myself for sticking with it and not giving up.

Just like that, I realized, ‘I’ve done it.’ Nobody was disappointed with me. Like you, I am pleased with my accomplishments. I’ve been through a lot to get to my first Olympic Games.

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Tom Daley’s first Olympic gold medal

Many diving enthusiasts hoped to see Tom Daley and Matty Lee win gold in the 10m synchro event.

Daley, who made his Olympic debut at 14 in Beijing in 2008, added a medal to his collection of honors 13 years later.

This was incredibly touching, given the many challenges Daley has overcome during his career.

Can say, ‘To have this gold medal… It’s my fourth Olympics, and I’ve been diving for 20 years,” he proudly said. Many would have written me off because of my age, but I’m the fittest.

I still refuse to accept the reality of the situation. I missed hearing that we had won the Olympics because I was out of the country. When I say I was crying, I mean it.

Whether or whether he competes in Paris in 2024, the 27-year-old may retire as the face of British athletics.

Perfect 10s by QUAN Hongchan, position

China is a veritable production line for Olympic-caliber divers, and with QUAN Hongchan at the helm, the country’s place at the pinnacle of the sport is specific.

She scored three perfect 10s in the final of the women’s 10m platform event in diving, and she won gold despite being just 14 years old.

Quan, who won the national championship in 2020 at 13, performed two dives that were judged a perfect ten by all three judges and a third dive that one judge awarded an ideal ten after the scores of two others were subtracted.

This teenage diver, who has just recently emerged, put on a show that will be remembered long after the Games.

New star emerges in Oleksii Sereda

Oleksii Sereda has been called the “Ukrainian Tom Daley.”

Along with the British competitor, the 15-year-old demonstrated maturity above his years by qualifying for the final on the 10m platform. He placed sixth.

In 2019, Sereda made his mark on the diving world by becoming the youngest-ever European champion in the 10m event. When Daley won his first continental championship in 2008, he was three months older.

Sereda’s future is bright after his Olympic experience in diving.Sports update



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