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WWE Royal Rumble 2022 Winners, Ratings, Reaction, and Highlights

Royal rumble

Almost halfway through the first month of 2022, the annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view will take place toward the end of January.

This is a fan-favorite event for many WWE fans since the Royal Rumble bouts are often filled with significant shocks, entertaining moments, and encounters between Superstars who would not otherwise meet in regular competition.

Both the men’s and women’s wrestling rumbles featured unique competitors. Summer Rae, Michelle McCool, and Impact Knockouts champion Mickie James were confirmed for the women’s Rumble beforehand.

In addition to the defense of the WWE, universal, and Raw women’s championships, the night included a mixed tag team bout between two of the company’s most renowned married couples.

Let’s examine everything that transpired during this year’s Royal Rumble.

Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins (Universal Championship)

Roman Reigns entered the ring by himself for his Universal Title bout against Seth “Freakin'” Rollins. The Usos have been barred from ringside, and Paul Heyman has left The Bloodline.

Rollins walked out to The Shield’s music wearing his old Shield outfit and insulted The Tribal Chief as they gazed at one other across the ring. Royal rumble

The Visionary used his swiftness to seize control quickly. He seemed confident as he struck Reigns with a sling blade and a clothesline over the top rope. He positioned himself and attacked him with two suicide dives.

As he attempted to springboard into the ring, the Tribal Chief hit him with an uppercut and followed up with a drive-by dropkick. Rollins reclaimed control and powerbombed the announce table.

Reigns escaped a Phoenix Splash, but Rollins kicked him in the face as he attempted to execute a Spear. He followed a buckle bomb with a Stomp for a two-count. The champion used a clothesline to get some breathing space.

As Reigns took control, he slowed the tempo and administered punishment in a measured manner. He threw Rollins into the area for the timekeeper and the steel stairs before delivering a Superman Punch for a two-count. Royale rumble.

Rollins countered a Spear with a Pedigree, but the result was a near-fall. The Tribal Chief ultimately struck the Spear, but his opponent laughed at him as he attempted to take shelter Royal rumble. Rollins just reached it to the ropes before Reigns guillotined him. The titleholder refused to relinquish his grip and was thus disqualified.

When Rollins stood up, Reigns attacked him with a steel chair. He knocked down The Visionary with almost a dozen shots while the audience jeered as loudly as they could.

Grade: A


Rollins’ use of his Shield attire and the group’s entrance song was an excellent technique to bring him into the contest and establish the tone for the evening. After hearing “sierra, hotel” over the stadium’s public address system, the crowd went berserk.

These men have known each other for years and collaborated several times so that they will have as much chemistry as possible in this industry. As predicted, they used this to create a magnificent Royale rumble bout.

Some may criticize the DQ conclusion, but it served the plot well, particularly if this rivalry continues beyond the Rumble. The tale they recounted was engaging, and it will be fascinating to watch what happens next.

Royale rumble a pinfall have been more satisfying? However, there was still plenty to like about this pairing.

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Women’s Royal Rumble

There was too much action in this match for a detailed play-by-play, so we will only discuss the entry order. Royal rumble.

  1. Sasha Banks
  2. Melina
  3. Tamina
  4. Kelly Kelly
  5. Aliyah
  6. Liv Morgan
  7. Queen Zelina
  8. Bianca Belair
  9. Dana Brooke
  10. Michelle McCool
  11. Sonya Deville
  12. Natalya
  13. Cameron
  14. Naomi
  15. Carmella
  16. Rhea Ripley
  17. Charlotte Flair
  18. Ivory
  19. Brie Bella
  20. Mickie James
  21. Alicia Fox
  22. Nikki A.S.H.
  23. Summer Rae
  24. Nikki Bella
  25. Sarah Logan
  26. Lita
  27. Molly Holly
  28. Ronda Rousey
  29. Shotzi
  30. Shayna Baszler

The match’s final four competitors were Rousey, Flair, Baszler, and Belair. The Queen eliminated The EST of WWE and The Queen of Spades, leaving her and Rousey standing.

After some difficulty, Rowdy Ronda achieved victory.

Grade: B-


Seeing so many ladies from the Divas period get enthusiastic applause from the audience was beautiful. Fans are harsh on this period, but the fault lies with those who booked the artists, not the artists themselves.

Because Naomi and Deville eliminated each other, their hatred will continue. WWE has been playing a long game with this, but it may be saved if they wrap it up quickly.

The creative crew inserted several feuds into this fight. Ripley vs. A.S.H., James vs. McCool from a few years back, and Summer vs. Natalya were all used to make the competition enjoyable Royale rumble.

As soon as Rousey emerged, it was evident that she would be one of the favorites, particularly considering her ranking of 28 entering the contest. Unfortunately, neither Bayley nor anybody from NXT, like Io Shirai or Dakota Kai, appeared.

Even though there were lulls in the action between groups of eliminations, this competition offered several amusing moments and memorable performances by various contestants. This was a success, despite not being the most memorable Royal Rumble battle for women.

Becky Lynch vs. Doudrop Royal rumble (Raw Women’s Championship)

Becky Lynch immediately returned to the spotlight when she defended the Raw Women’s Championship against Dewdrop.

The two women grappled, and Doudrop effortlessly pushed Lynch to the mat to demonstrate her strength. The challenger appeared to have an answer for everything Big Time Becks attempted. Royale rumble

The champion avoided a corner splash, but the Scot was able to maintain control and hit a senton that sent her to the mat. Lynch’s movement caused Doudrop to crash steel when she attempted to fire a cannonball at the stairs.

She could transition into a sleeper hold after capturing The Man as he came off the middle rope. Doudrop kicked out following a missile dropkick and became enraged as Lynch began criticizing her.

Over the next few minutes, they exchanged aggressive moves to eliminate one another. After several close calls with the Dewdrop, Lynch executed a Manhandle Slam from the middle rope. Royal rumble

Grade: C+


According to social media accounts, the WrestleMania sign caught fire during this bout, yet the Royal rumble contestants and referee behaved like nothing was amiss. Sadly, this diverted the attention of the audience for many minutes.

This contest achieved a different level of intensity than Doudrop vs. Bianca Belair, but both ladies did a fantastic job of making themselves and each other seem attractive. They did not make any significant errors and sold all they created to one another.

Two individuals with less prior experience working together performed well. Royal rumble It’s unfortunate that the audience did not appear engaged. With more vociferous responses, this is a much more significant issue. More on Sports update.

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