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The 4 Styles of Boxing


Boxing has become a multi-billion dollar business and a vigorous, strenuous exercise for beginners and pros. It’s simple to understand why! Boxing burns fat builds muscle and cardiovascular strength, reduces stress, and boosts confidence. Boxing gives beginners a feeling of accomplishment and empowerment as they perfect each skill.

The old Olympic Games had boxing, but the sport you adore now is different. Boxing was a free-for-all where gladiators were thrown into a ring with one rule: kill the other opponent.

Thankfully, boxing has developed regulations and procedures to protect boxers.

Boxing is unique and has evolved since the gladiator days. Rules and combat styles have evolved.

Swarmer ‍

Technical boxers fear the swarmer, also known as the crowder or in-fighter. They’re ruthless. Swarmers battle by being defensive and applying constant pressure. They keep hitting, leaving their little opponent space to fight back.

The swarmer demands near-perfect form and endurance to deliver pressure on the other fighter. Most fighters want to become swarmers, but it takes years of training to overwhelm an opponent with a barrage of strikes genuinely.

Most swarmer fighters have short careers since it takes time to achieve this skill level and gain endurance. Why? Because it needs regular training and is simple to fall out of, which may leave a boxer susceptible to severe strikes and shorten their career.

Most boxers who use this approach close in and throw powerful hooks and uppercuts. They must evade their opponent’s blows while launching forceful ones. Since it takes a second or two to get into the correct position, these fighters either have to resist several impacts before they can start throwing their own or be quick on their feet to escape and then go inside their opponent to strike.

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Top swarmers include:





Fighting Nelson


Sluggers use strong punches to knock out their opponents. Thus, they defeat swarmers! Despite a swarmer inside punching nonstop, the slugger needs one hard point to prevail. They win fights with violence, not timing or jabs.

Sluggers can take a couple of hits. They must since they are larger and slower. They throw fewer blows, yet one may knock an opponent unconscious.

People adore these battles because they generally finish with someone on the ground. If you find an excellent swarmer who can last with a slugger, expect a thrilling, hard-hitting bout.

Legendary sluggers include:







Outboxers use distance and defense to earn points. These warriors utilize their smarts to stay away from their opponents and strike at the right moment.

This boxing technique is fun to watch since the boxer comes in for a few fast strikes, or even just one, and then retreats. For strategy fans, outboxing is the ideal style to watch.

Many boxers who adopt this strategy wait for their opponent to move in before striking. They enjoy long-range strikes and have a long reach. Out-boxers seldom fall, unlike other boxers. These fighters win with intelligent decisions and legal blows.

Top out-boxers include:


Mayweather Jr.





Hybrid boxing is the most dynamic.

These boxers are out-boxers with slugger power. It blends the finest of all styles. Boxer-punchers are well-rounded fighters that can fight any boxing style. Speed and power let them outlast swarmers, outboxes, and sluggers.

Versatile boxers.

They may win matches without speed, power, or skill. Their varied talents make them effective aggressors and counter-punchers.

A boxer

puncher controls the ring, monitors his opponent, does what he has to do, and capitalizes on his opponent’s errors, unlike swarmers, who sometimes come too close and leave themselves vulnerable. They exploit faults and opportunities. Boxer punchers know how to end the fight while their opponent is injured. Boxer punchers are mobile, defensive, and have potent chins.

Boxer-puncher greats include:


SugarRay Robinson

La Hoya

Alexis Arguello

Fighting Style Selection

Choosing a boxing style goes beyond personal preference and inspiration. Your abilities and talents determine it. Newbies often want the boxer-puncher kind right away. It typically fails.

Since it’s hard to perfect, it’s recommended to start with a defensive boxing technique and then go to boxer-puncher. Coordination of intellectual and aggressive methods takes time to learn. Only experienced boxers can learn the boxer-puncher process.

Sparring helps you choose a fighting style. Play defensively and aggressively to find your best style and spar with various sparring partners with varied abilities and strengths. This will show your potential and help you choose a boxing style.


If you’re new to boxing, practice patience. The best approach is boxer punching, but it takes time and practice to become proficient. Start by using a defensive strategy, such as outboxing. Try a different style after acquiring one. Sports update



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